About us

No Fine Print isn’t just our name, it’s our mission statement.

We weren’t always wine people. We were just people who loved wine and good people / good times. Our day jobs are in the music business, but our passion for great wine lead us to dabble in another form of art, wine making.

We noticed a lot of our friends were a little intimidated or even turned off by wine; NFP was born out of the need to share the beautiful world of wine without all the wine industry distractions.
We started this winery to share wine that we loved, that was created with purity not pretense in mind, with our best friends and family. We all found wine to be a bit confusing but we still loved it and wanted to find a way to talk about wine in our own language. 
In 2018 we made our first vintage of NFP Cabernet with just 500 cases. Within months, we saw that not only our friends loved the idea of drinking great wine with an unpretentious approach - but so did a lot of other people. 

In addition to our flagship Cabernet, we just released a new proprietary Sauvignon Blanc. We are very excited about now having both a killer red and white to offer. We also have our Fine Print wines, limited edition wines of usually 500 cases or less with varietals to date including a Syrah / Pinot Noir Blend, Merlot, Rosé, Tempranillo, and Cortese.
We finished in 2018 with over 3500 cases of wine made, and have been off to the ‘cases’ ever since, with projected production of 10k cases this year.